Finding Senior Love In 2020

Are You Lonely This Holiday Season?

Do you see couples everywhere and wish you had a loving partner to share the holidays with?

You don't have to be alone.

You CAN create the relationship of your dreams.

I did...

Hi, I'm Brenda,

I met my beloved Jack at the age of 65, after being single for over 16 years.

So I know how intense the loneliness of being single can feel over the Holidays...

  • Arriving back to a cold house alone after an evening out.
  • Waking up alone and so wishing it could be different.
  • Hearing the easy conversation and merry laughter of couples around me and wondering "Why isn't this happening for me"?

I longed to be in a healthy, loving relationship. Although at times I felt sad and discouraged that I wasn't, I never gave up believing it was possible.

The turning point came when I began to see patterns in the sort of men I attracted, and the reasons why nothing worked out.

This was the first step to turning everything around.

When I got to see clearly what I was doing over and over that was producing the same disappointing result, I could stop doing it. And start doing what worked instead!

And it did work - Beautifully!

Today I meet many who exclaim "Oh, aren't you lucky?"

Believe me, luck had nothing to do with it.

Finding a way to set myself free of the old limiting beliefs that were keeping me stuck, and single, had everything to do with it.

The hardest part was trying to figure this out all on my own. If I'd had someone to guide me through the process I may not have had to wait so long.

Do you feel like you've been waiting too long?

Today I love being that guide for people just like you. For those who know deep within, despite all the disappointments and setbacks, that it's never too late for love. And that the greatest joy in life is finding lasting love.

A New Year is a new beginning. Are you ready now to...

  • Let go of what's not working and step into creating the relationship of your dreams?
  • Make this New Decade your best decade yet?
  • Hear others say "Oh, aren't you lucky" when you tell them your story of how you found the partner of your dreams?

Then join me for a fun workshop in which I'll share with you my secrets to attracting the loving relationship you deserve. And give you the tools I used to create mine.

When: Sunday, December 29th, 2.15-4.45 p.m.
Where: Peace House, 543 S Mountain Avenue, Ashland.
Cost: $45

For further information, contact me at 541-292-9866

Booking essential.  Register here now  and I'll send you payment details.

Make this Holiday season the last you spend alone

Copyright 2019, Brenda Blair


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