I help Seniors

create the loving relationship

of their dreams

Do you long for a relationship but believe…

• You are too old • Have wrinkles • Have put too much weight on
There are no good men out there • Men are only interested in younger women
Men are only after sex • You’ve been hurt and could get hurt again

Hi, I’m Brenda

I met my beloved Jack at the age of 65. I was single for over 16 years. And very close to giving up on the idea of having the loving relationship I desired, close to settling for being single for the rest of my life. However, something inside would not allow me to give up and every so often I would try again. Eventually I began to see patterns in the sort of men I attracted, and the reasons why nothing worked out. Had I had the tools of Tapping then, I could have cleared the beliefs which were getting in my way and not have had to wait so long.

You don’t have to wait that long. With the aid of Tapping and coaching, I can help you release the beliefs that get in the way of you creating the relationship of your dreams.

Reach out, you are not alone.

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